Ceviche Chef Showdown

This was another fabulous event put on by Vanguard Culture that was geared towards bringing together some of the nation's most talented Chef's to create their own Ceviche. Each Chef brought their own style and culinary ability to life this evening as they battled to win the top three slots at Round Two in late April.  The dishes were incredible and I was more than happy to photograph them to show my support. 

The 14th Factory

Last year, I was able to venture up to Los Angeles a few times to visit some incredible museums, but this space was hands down the most fascinating concept I have ever experienced. The 14th Factory was founded by Simon Birch, in hopes of representing various messages through contemporary art installations that were all created in an old factory warehouse space. It was generated in a neighborhood that would usually be considered torn down and unsafe for anyone to just "take a stroll through". Once we were admitted, we followed the very specific path through corridors to experience each installation. There was various media used for each one, and the artists are truly talented for being able to create such colorful and eclectic work. The curation of the space and the emotional attachment to each part was the most powerful thing for me, in terms of what I enjoyed most. They shut down after a few months of letting the public experience the space, but they continue on utilizing worn down, spacious structures to implement these incredible works around the world. I that recommend anyone who has the chance to see this traveling museum, takes the opportunity to do so.