"A Day in Valle" August 2, 2019

As referenced in my last blog post, I was able to venture down to Mexico with a group of media, organized by Baja Wine + Food and Provino Baja California to enjoy some pretty epic places. The day started with a TJ Taco crawl with the group and then lead us down to a special behind-the-scenes experience at Estacion De Oficios El Porvenir, La Escuelita to learn about wine making true to the region. Master designer, Alejandro D'Acosta just opened his school to the public. We ended the day at Muestra del Vino 2019, the opening event of the XXIX Fiestas de la Vendimia at the historical landmark Riviera de Ensenada. It was all around a great way to spend my first trip down to Mexico’s wine country and I am so thrilled to re-visit and explore new places.