SDSU Climate Change Walkout 9.20.19

As a millennial in today’s society, I think it's safe to say I am privileged in ways generations before me never were. I have access to endless information and technology, which has such a large impact on my knowledge as an individual. Although I am eternally grateful for this luxury, I don’t think I’ve ever used those tools to my advantage when it comes to controversial and extreme topics, such as climate change. It was not until recently that a few friends of mine invited me to a Climate Change Walk-out that took place at a college campus here in San Diego. The energy and community I witnessed during this rally was amazing, everyone from various aspects of culture, society, and age showed up to talk about this issue. It really inspired me to investigate my own part in this plan towards a more sustainable future. I then realized shortly after starting this research that I was contributing to SO MUCH WASTE AND IGNORANCE. No one likes to confront and acknowledge their own involvement in such a tragic epidemic, but sometimes reality has to slap you in the face before you can move forward. This was definitely a wake up call for me, and hopefully was for others. As I begin to notice my own behavior and change how I live, I hope to inspire others as I was inspired by this event. I can’t help but be thankful to live in a time where people can communicate these issues in a peaceful and significant way.

Boat Ventures August/September 2019

A lot of my work entails being spontaneous with my client choices and venues. I recently was asked to shoot some water-related events, and it was a challenge I was very excited to accept. I have never been a huge boat person, mainly because I was never able to go on many until my mother re-married a sailor. That being said, I still wasn’t given a lot of guidance on being on a boat and surely didn’t anticipate ever having to take photos on one. These shots are from both a sailing race and a small business party buyout on a whale-watching boat. I was not only blessed with gorgeous days on both occasions, but I had such a fun time being out on the water and shooting my surroundings.

"A Day in Valle" August 2, 2019

As referenced in my last blog post, I was able to venture down to Mexico with a group of media, organized by Baja Wine + Food and Provino Baja California to enjoy some pretty epic places. The day started with a TJ Taco crawl with the group and then lead us down to a special behind-the-scenes experience at Estacion De Oficios El Porvenir, La Escuelita to learn about wine making true to the region. Master designer, Alejandro D'Acosta just opened his school to the public. We ended the day at Muestra del Vino 2019, the opening event of the XXIX Fiestas de la Vendimia at the historical landmark Riviera de Ensenada. It was all around a great way to spend my first trip down to Mexico’s wine country and I am so thrilled to re-visit and explore new places.

Provino Baja California in San Diego promoting the Muestra del Vino 2019

As many of you know, I’ve been documenting Baja Wine + Food’s Meet the Winemaker series this summer and it’s been such a great experience to learn and work with them. They recently set up a media-only party with Provino Baja California in San Diego promoting the Muestra del Vino 2019, the opening event of the XXIX Fiestas de la Vendimia happening on Aug 2nd at the historical landmark Riviera de Ensenada. Baja Wine + Food created a travel experience to attend this unique event that features 60+ producers pouring wine by their winemakers/owners, 55+ restaurants/chefs, 5 stages with live music (ending with much more.  A JOURNEY TO LA MUESTRA: A 2-day experience created to immerse yourself in the culture of Baja wine and food.

It was a pleasure to shoot this event in preparation for the festival, stay tuned for photos from our trip down to Ensenada!

San Diego Made Donor Gala June 29, 2019

A huge part of my process of choosing events to shoot, is supporting businesses and owners who are passionate about what they do. Last weekend I was able to photograph such a stylish and enjoyable event for a great cause. San Diego Made is an artist collective organization that aims to increase awareness of the local arts within the San Diego community and promote the Shop Local. This event was set up as a 1920’s Speakeasy with so many awesome vendors, and all proceeds supported the San Diego Made Factory to build a sustainable space for makers and creatives. I was thrilled to not only be a part of it but be able to enjoy all of the elements as I worked. I would hardly call stuffing my face and meeting new people a hard job, but, someone has to do it!

Wonderspaces 2019

Wonderspaces is Back! This pop-up installation space has taken over San Diego’s art buzz yet again, creating a series of colorful interactive experiences for the public to enjoy. I always find this seasonal museum to be such a vibrant way for the community to interact with the arts. This time I was shocked to find a little less open space and a little more darkness involved to draw in the viewers. I enjoyed these experiences very much, and as usual, I am excited to see what they have for us next year.

Meet the Winemaker with Camillo Magoni of Bodegas Magoni 5.31.19

Baja Wine + Food brought an exclusive opportunity to meet the godfather of winemaking in México, the living legend Camillo Magoni, founder/owner of Bodegas Magoni. With wine in hand, we heard all about the history of winemaking in the region from the only person who has witnessed 55 harvest seasons in Baja’s Wine Country and experimented with 112 different grape varietals. The wine tasting experience was accompanied by Baja cheeses and charcuterie boards, while enjoying the stunning downtown San Diego skyline from IDEA1 Apartments’s exclusive rooftop Club House.

Meet the Winemaker with Fernando Perez Castro of Lomita Winery 5.26.19

Another fabulous evening filled with Wine, Charcuterie, Cheese and so much education. Baja Wine + Food in collaboration with Vanguard Culture brought a unique opportunity to meet & greet the mastermind behind Lomita, owner Fernando Perez Castro. We tasted and learned more about Valle de Guadalupe wines while enjoying the stunning San Diego skyline from IDEA1 Apartments' exclusive rooftop. The wine tasting experience was be accompanied by local Baja cheeses and charcuterie boards. This night was a perfect opportunity for me to learn while working as Baja Wine+Food brought in the Owner/Winemaker for La Lomita Winery, Fernando Perez Castro. The wines were delicious and the view was incredible, located in the Idea District in Downtown San Diego, the breeze mixed with the warmth of the wine was the perfect pairing.

Bartenders Weekend 2019

Orchestrated by industry veterans Chris Patino and Erick Castro of Simple Serve, this Trade Focused, San Diego based event takes place in March each year. Once a year, these two men decided to honor the amazing bartenders, businesses, and brands that make this community so badass by organizing a three day all-day series of events at various cocktail bars across the city. This year was my first year attending/shooting some of the events and I had a blast. I have to say above all I enjoyed the Silencio Mezcal silent disco the most, because it was the perfect groovy ending to a day of debauchery and drinking. Stay tuned for next year!

Wonderspaces 2018

I was delighted to experience another amazing Wonderspaces pop-up museum this summer, it was incredible and immersive. They had a much larger space to set up each installation which aided in bringing the color and energy to life. 10/10 would experience as much of this place as I can as often as I can until they shut down and take on another city. 



Ceviche Chef Showdown

This was another fabulous event put on by Vanguard Culture that was geared towards bringing together some of the nation's most talented Chef's to create their own Ceviche. Each Chef brought their own style and culinary ability to life this evening as they battled to win the top three slots at Round Two in late April.  The dishes were incredible and I was more than happy to photograph them to show my support. 

The 14th Factory

Last year, I was able to venture up to Los Angeles a few times to visit some incredible museums, but this space was hands down the most fascinating concept I have ever experienced. The 14th Factory was founded by Simon Birch, in hopes of representing various messages through contemporary art installations that were all created in an old factory warehouse space. It was generated in a neighborhood that would usually be considered torn down and unsafe for anyone to just "take a stroll through". Once we were admitted, we followed the very specific path through corridors to experience each installation. There was various media used for each one, and the artists are truly talented for being able to create such colorful and eclectic work. The curation of the space and the emotional attachment to each part was the most powerful thing for me, in terms of what I enjoyed most. They shut down after a few months of letting the public experience the space, but they continue on utilizing worn down, spacious structures to implement these incredible works around the world. I recommend that anyone who has the chance to see this traveling museum, takes the opportunity to do so. 

Wonderspaces 2017

Anyone in San Diego during the summer of 2017 most likely heard of this pop-up contemporary art museum called "Wonderspaces", which was located in Mission Valley. The space was set in an open lot, which gave them ample ability to create multiple narratives for the guests to immerse themselves in. Many of the installations had either a message or an interactive activity to enjoy when you walked into them. I was fascinated by the idea behind this particular pop-up because it  looked like just one large tent from the outside but once you walked in, it became so much more. It was a pleasure to attend and document and I look forward to see where their next location will be.